RaveArcade Established 2012.

New original Dance music, with a nod to the 1990's.







Welcome to Ravearcade.com, the home of New and original dance music
that incorperates that oldskool hardcore, breakbeats and house vibes
from the early to late 1990's

2012 sees the 20th aniversary of when the oldskool hardcore music
scene was at its peak.

If you enjoy Oldskool Hardcore, Breakbeat or House and garage of the
1990's, then you may well like Ravearcade music.
Fits well into the Nu-rave scene that is becoming big, but also
often slips into other dance music genre's.

Please check out the music page to see whats new and remember new
stuff will be added throughout the year.
We can also be found at soundcloud. 



Please note site is under construction !